Welcome to the 100 Women Who Give a Hoot - CHD Chapter!

Dear Hoot Members and Supporters, 


Our greatest hope at the moment is that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. We have a wonderfully diverse group of women in this Hoot family of ours and we know COVID-19 is impacting us all a little differently. We also know that everyone in our community is having to adjust in so many ways during this unprecedented time.


We're hearing story after story about how this virus is impacting our Global community; stories closer to home make it more real. There is goodness out there. There's also the hard truth in this new reality for so many - those on the frontline, the nonprofits who are halting operations temporarily, our neighbors who must decide between paying for food for their family or the roof over their heads, small businesses fighting to stay afloat, our elderly, our sick, our young who don't understand.


Being friends on Facebook with so many of you, I'm inspired every. single. day. Y'all have such big hearts and love for our community and you exemplify not only what it means to be a woman who gives a hoot but you embody hope. Your actions, your donations, and your words make a difference!!


So many of our local businesses, nonprofits, and families need you more than ever right now, so we encourage you to do what you can – and then please tell us all about it! Post to our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. Giving a Hoot means more than donating financially, so we hope you will share posts of ways we can all support our community, as well as ways Hoot members can support each other


Stay healthy and safe,

Tina & your Women Who Give a Hoot Leadership Team



Here's an update from our Q'1 2020 Award Recipient, Boomerang Youth:


Through virtual engagement, emails, phone calls, and texts, Boomerang has continued to provide support to our students. We are committed to finding new, creative ways to staying connected with our students and guiding them as they navigate uncharted waters.

“Thanks for following up ... we are doing good just trying to stay healthy at this point ... I'm proud of him as well for working very hard and doing what he has to do to stay on track at school.” - Boomerang Youth Parent


These words from a parent warmed our hearts. More so because many of the young people we serve have vulnerabilities that make navigating these extraordinary times so much more challenging: the absence of structure, supervision, access to regular meals, social outlets, academic support and even the therapeutic services they receive in school.


Through virtual engagement, emails, phone calls, and texts, Boomerang Youth has continued to provide support to our students. We are committed to finding new, creative ways to staying connected with our students and guiding them as they navigate uncharted waters.


Boomerang Youth works directly with middle and high schoolers in Orange County. Their mission is to inspire youth to bounce back from challenges and move towards positive change. 


It's About the power of collective giving!!!

When you donate $100 to a charity, often you wonder if you are making a difference? But when 100 people donate $100 at the same time, they raise $10,000 to support a worthy cause. That’s REAL impact. And it takes only an hour, once a quarter!


No additional fundraising, no silent auction donations to solicit, no volunteering (unless that’s your thing!). Simply a great way to give back your own local community.


Let's not forget about all the new people you can meet and network with across our local area! 
We have a blast at our events - make it a quick night to vote on our favorite charity or stick around to share some eats and drink with our 100 Women!  


Come join us. 


1 - CREATE a free account on this website (everyone needs to do this)!  You will be asked to verify your email.  If you were a CHD Hoot member before 5/16/19 you will still need to create an account on our NEW website!




2 - BECOME a CHD 100 Women Member by completing the membership form (make sure you are signed into this site) which confirms your 1 year commitment to 100 Women!  Set your directory preferences (you can specify what, if anything, you want to show to the group)! 








Make your quarterly donation today. 



We proudly support local charities in the following counties: Orange, Durham, Alamance, and Chatham.



Choose your favorite local charities.



As a chapter member you are eligible to nominate up to 3 charities each year to participate in our quarterly events!  Once selected they can present at our quarterly event for an opportunity to win $10,000! 



How It Works!

We meet 4 times a year, donate $100 each time to 1 of 3 presenting charities, all within 60 minutes. That’s it. So simple.


What About You?

If you are a lady with limited time, but a lot of heart, you'll want to consider membership.  Meetings last just one hour, four times a year. Small commitment, BIG impact.


A Local Charity?

Our members are the only ones who can nominate a local charity, who are then picked randomly to present at a meeting. All charities must be 501(3)c organizations, located and providing services to our local community. 


Upcoming Events

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We are so grateful for our sponsors!





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