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We are so grateful for all of our sponsors. Your support makes a difference for our nominated charities and members!


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Thank You to Q4 2020 "Hoot for the Holidays" Sponsors!






Interested in becoming a sponsor?  We are always looking for companies and individuals to help in our mission!  There are opportunities to be an impact sponsor (donate at a quarterly event to the 2nd & 3rd place charities), event door prizes, event location/food, supplies, and many more!  Click below to get involved!


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Can you support our the 100 Women Who Give A Hoot efforts?? We would love your help to covering our operational costs. These costs include but are not limited to: event fees, website hosting and maintenance fees, printing costs, display materials, event administrative materials, business cards, marketing materials, online advertising and database management tools.


**Please note the link below is not for member commitments, it is for outright gifts to Hoot. 




Prior Impact Sponsors: 



Q'4 2020: Paradox Consulting Partners

Helping the Triangle thrive by facilitating game-changing organization and people solutions


Q'1 2020: Corporate Investors Mortgage Group, Inc.
 home is the foundation of a strong community


Q'4 2019: Two Men and A Truck
the only mover to call 


Q'3 2019: Joe Van Gogh

fostering a community with coffee


Q'2 2019: Erika & Co,
real estate specialists


Q'1 2019: Erickson Advisors
holistic impact plans and investment strategies 


Rivers Advertising Agency
for every marketing challenge


Q'4 2018: Two Men and A Truck
the only mover to call



Prior Event Location Sponsors: